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Advanced level combined mathematics – සංයුක්ත ගණිතය

The aim of combined maths education is to turn out creative children who would suit the modern world. To achieve this, the school curriculum should be revised according to the needs of the time.

Thus, it had been decided to introduce a competency-based syllabus in 2009. The earlier revision of the G.C.E. (Advanced Level) combined maths syllabus was conducted in 1998. One of the main reasons for the need to revise the earlier syllabus had been that in the Learning – Teaching- Assessment process, competencies and competency levels had not been introduced adequately. It has been planned to change the existing syllabus that had been designed on a content-based approach to a competency-based curriculum in 2009. In 2007, the new curriculum revision which started at Grades 6 and 10 had introduced a competency-based syllabus to Mathematics. This was continued at Grades 7 and 11 in 2008 and it continued to Grades 8 and 12 in 2009.

Therefore, a need was arisen to provide a competency-based syllabus for combined maths at G.C.E.(Advanced Level) syllabus in the year 2009.

After implementing the combined maths syllabus in 2009 it was revisited in the year 2012. In the following year’s teachers’ views and experts opinions about the syllabus, was obtained and formed a subject committee for the revision of the Combined Mathematics syllabus by accommodating the above opinions the committee made the necessary changes and revised the syllabus to implement in the year 2017.

The student who has learned Mathematics at Grades 6-11 under the new curriculum reforms through a competency-based approach, enters grade 12 to learn combined maths at Grades 12 and 13 should be provided with abilities, skills, and practical experiences for his future needs. and these have been identified and the new syllabus has been formulated accordingly. It is expected that all these competencies would be achieved by pupils who complete learning this subject at the end of Grade 13. Pupils should achieve the competencies through competency levels and these are mentioned under each learning outcomes.

Combined maths Syllabus (Grade 12 & 13)

GCE A/L Combined maths Syllabus

GCE A/L Combined maths Pass Papers

YearPure MathsApplied Maths
1988A/L Pure Mathematics IA/L Applied Mathematics I
A/L Pure Mathematics IIA/L Applied Mathematics II

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