Vaginal bleeding in infants

Vaginal bleeding in infants


Vaginal bleeding in infants. Vaginal blood loss in infants is common. About 5 to 10 percent of newborn girls lose some blood from the vagina in the first days after birth. In most cases, it is discovered by the parents during the change. It is a natural process and in almost all cases completely harmless.

Symptoms of vaginal bleeding in infants

Vaginal blood loss in the newborn is usually characterized by a spot of blood in the diaper. It starts on average between the second and the tenth day after birth and stops within a week.

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How does vaginal bleeding occur in infants?

You could compare vaginal blood loss in infants to a period. During pregnancy, the child receives female hormones from the mother through the placenta. These cause the girl’s uterine lining to grow. After birth, she no longer receives maternal hormones. The endometrium is no longer stimulated by the hormones and is slowly shed, just like with the menstruation of adult women. In most newborns, this is visible as a somewhat slimy discharge. Some girls have some blood mixed through them.

Is it serious and what can you expect?

Vaginal bleeding in the newborn, as described above, is harmless. It is a natural process and the bleeding will stop within a week. Your child will not notice it.

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When to go to the doctor?

In a small number of cases, vaginal bleeding is not completely normal and your baby must be seen by the doctor., therefore, advises you to make an appointment at your general practice if:

  • the blood loss does not start until after the 10th day of life;
  • blood loss lasts longer than a week;
  • the blood loss is very heavy;
  • your baby starts bleeding for the second time after the blood loss has stopped.

What can you do about it yourself?

Vaginal bleeding in infants will stop on its own. You cannot do anything about it yourself.

General advice and precautions

Vaginal blood loss in infants is a natural process. You cannot prevent it.

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