Rhinoplasty surgery for beauty nose

Rhinoplasty surgery for beauty nose

Rhinoplasty surgery for beauty nose. Plastic surgery has been booming in recent years and one of the most popular plastic surgeries is rhinoplasty.

Known also as a plastic nose, this aesthetic procedure can address medical problems as well as correct the nose image, dramatically improving the overall appearance of the face.

This, of course, has a great positive impact on one’s self-esteem and psychology.

But let’s look in more detail about Rhinoplasty surgery for beauty nose.

What is rhinoplasty?

It is a plastic nose that is made both for aesthetics (changing its shape and size) and for functional reasons (intervening in its anatomy). There are even cases where the plastic surgeon and the otolaryngologist combine the correction of a crooked, large or flattened nose with the correction of a diaphragm that prevents a person from breathing properly.

Because this surgery is considered one of the most difficult of cosmetic surgery, if you decide to go ahead, you should consult a specialist who is well versed in the complex anatomy of the nose. The most specialized doctors are the nose surgeons, that is, the specially trained surgeons or otolaryngologists or plastic surgeons. This way you will be more confident that the effect of correcting the shape of your nose will not adversely affect its functionality.

The main purpose of the rhinoplasty is for the patient to obtain a “new” nose that is in harmony with the rest of the facial features and functions normally without difficulty in breathing. For this reason, even if you ask the plastic surgeon to give you a French nose, he will explain that this shape is not suitable for everyone. It should perfectly match the shape of your face, eyes, and chin. Essentially, your nose after surgery should look better but not completely foreign to your face, making the result abnormal.

A successful rhinoplasty surgery not only improves a person’s image but also contributes to his psychology.

In which cases does the nose become plastic?

As we have already mentioned, rhinoplasty is done to improve both the shape and the anatomy – functionality of the nose. More specifically, this plastic surgery on the nose corrects:

  • The crooked nasal septum
  • The shape and size of the nose cones
  • The size (small or large), but also the shape of the nose (ancient Greek, French, gummy, curvy, thick) in general
  • A break – nose fracture

Who can have a rhinoplasty?

It is preferable not to undergo surgery for girls under 16 and boys under 18 because the shape of the nose is not fully formed. Of course, if there is a serious anatomical and functional reason it may be necessary. In these cases, however, a discussion is held with the doctor and you decide together what it is.

Beyond that, any adult regardless of age, who wants to change his / her image or improve his or her breathing can have plastic in the nose. Suffice it to have no health problems that hinder the operation.

Indeed, there are cases where rhinoplasty is considered necessary. This happens when the diaphragm is crooked (scoliotic) and obstructs breathing or speech problems. Also, when it causes severe snoring, drowsiness, fatigue and sleep apnea.

Of course, the younger one is, the faster the cells grow. This means that the regeneration and ossification of the nasal bones and cartilage injuries (which are necessary to shape the nose during surgery) become faster.

What are the techniques of rhinoplasty?

Nose plastic is most often performed under total anesthesia. There are of course cases that require local anesthesia or intoxication. The formula has to do with the surgery that the rhinoplasty is called upon to perform.

Rhinoplasty surgery for beauty nose

The procedure of plastic surgery on the nose usually takes about an hour and there are two different techniques, the closed and the open type. The choice of method for plastic nose depends on the specialization of the doctor and the needs of the surgery.

Closed-type rhinoplasty

The most common for the simplest cases is the closed type, where all incisions are made internally and do not appear after surgery. The surgery is done through the nostrils and initially, the mucosa is detached from the nasal septum. This gives the necessary space for the rhinoplasty’s thin tools to enter the bone and cartilage of the nose. There the doctor will remove or add what is needed to form the desired shape while aligning the nose diaphragm.

In this case, after the end of the surgery, a special splint is placed on the outside for about 8 days to maintain the new nose shape, and internally for two days. The end result of the operation is evident after 4-6 months, as there may be swelling in the nose at the beginning as well as slight bruising.

Open Rhinoplasty

In the case of open type rhinoplasty, the procedure is similar. The main difference, however, is focused on creating a small outer cut at the base of the nose, at the point where the two nostrils are joined. This incision usually heals extremely well and is not visible.

Although considered more invasive, this technique enables the physician to examine the overall anatomy of the nose and modify it with great ease and precision. This is why in difficult cases open rhinoplasty is often considered necessary.

As with closed-type rhinoplasty, a special splint is placed for 8 days and the final shape is evident after 4-6 months.

Rhinoplasty surgery for beauty nose

When can a laser nose be made with or without surgery?

In some cases, and depending on the judgment of each physician, the incisions are made using a laser rather than a scalpel. This makes recovery faster and the risk of post-operative bleeding almost zero. Also, no nose gauze is required after surgery.

There are, of course, cases where the problem is even smaller and the plastic nose is operated without surgery and anesthesia. Corrected with hyaluronic acid, infused where needed. This procedure takes just 10 minutes, is bloodless and has no recovery time.

This, of course, cannot be done in every type of nose. They usually consist of small noses or those with minimal deformities. It can lift the tip of the nose, smooth out bumps or correct slumps. Of course, in this case, the results are not permanent, but they usually last one year.

What to do before the plastic nose

Rhinoplasty surgery for beauty nose and what to do before surgery. First of all, you should carefully choose the doctor who will take you. His experience and successes are very important.

Book an appointment and explain exactly what you want to do. The doctor will then examine your nose to identify any aesthetic or functional problems and discuss with you what concerns you about the preoperative procedure (blood tests, electrocardiograms, chest x-rays and more) and about the procedure of surgery and recovery. It will also photograph you so that you can study and plan what to do in the operating room.

However, there are some general tips – guidelines to keep in mind before surgery:

  • If you smoke, it is advisable to quit or restrict it a few days before surgery.
  • Aspirin and some anti-inflammatory drugs should be avoided for the last 2 weeks before rhinoplasty in order to avoid bleeding.
  • It is advisable to take vitamins, such as 1000 mg C to facilitate healing and regeneration of the skin.
  • Be sure to apply a nasal mupirocin ointment topically to avoid infections.
  • Avoid caffeine 48 hours before surgery, as well as tea or herbal supplements for 1 week.
  • It is advisable not to have alcohol consumed 3 weeks before surgery.
  • The night before the rhinoplasty should not drink or eat too much.
  • On the day of surgery make sure you wash your face thoroughly so that there are no bacteria and no cosmetic products.
Rhinoplasty surgery for beauty nose

Recovery procedure from rhinoplasty

At the end of the surgery, a gypsum splint is left on the nose, which remains for 6-7 days and gauzes along with nostrils to breathe, which are removed after 2 days. From there your nose will be free. Of course, gypsum needs to be worn for another week only during sleep in order to protect it from blows.

The surgery does not hurt, just as soon as you wake up you will feel heavy on your head and a curl. This is a normal thing that is treated with any painkillers other than aspirin and the corresponding medications that can cause rhinorrhea.

Usually, the patient remains in the clinic a few hours (up to 24 hours) after the plastic nose for medical follow-up.

Recovery is relatively quick because there is increased physical injury to the head, which facilitates the reconnection and function of injured tissues.

The swelling in the nose and face, as well as the bruises that may be created, become more intense in the first 48 hours, but within a week they are gone. But they are easily covered by a good makeup. To minimize and remove swelling faster, apply cold compresses around the eyes as much as you can for 2-3 days.

Also, antibiotics are given to prevent infection.

Once the nose is released, a special nasal spray is applied to cleanse and regenerate the cream for rapid healing.

The stitches made in the incisions are removed after 10 days.

What to look for when recovering from a plastic nose

To reduce postoperative swelling and bleeding, Mayo Clinic and other experts provide the following tips.

  • It is better to stand, sit or walk than to lie down. If lying down, make sure the headrest is at least 30 ° inclined. This will reduce swelling.
  • Do not wet the splint while wearing it and avoid bathing in hot water for the first few weeks to avoid nosebleeds. The same goes for the hot air of the hairdryer.
  • Avoid crouching and weight lifting for at least a week.
  • Be careful not to accidentally hit your nose.
  • If you feel dry or stuffy in your nose for the first 2 weeks of rhinoplasty, wash with normal saline or spray.
  • Bloating and nose piercing should be avoided while coughing and sneezing should not be restrained.
  • Tight clothing can cause nosebleeds, so make sure you dress comfortably.
  • Try to limit the movement of the upper lip as much as possible. So do not chew gum or hard foods, do not brush your teeth vigorously and other such movements that cause intense movement.
  • You should not wear sunglasses (eyewear or sunglasses) for at least 6 weeks. Limit yourself to contact lenses.
  • As long as you can avoid exposure to the sun and do not neglect to wear sunscreen with at least SPF 30 daily to avoid discoloration.
  • Intense facial expressions should be avoided for a few weeks.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise for two weeks, while diving and skiing for 2 months.
  • Facial cleansing and massage should not be performed during the first 6 months after surgery.

Complications of the plastic nose

Rhinoplasty has no serious complications. In rare cases, there may be slight bleeding, but it stops on its own after a while. If it needs to be treated by a doctor, it is something that is very easy to do.

In general, if the rhinoplasty is experienced, then there are no problems, except for the simplest and most common, such as swelling and slight bruising. Their intensity has to do with the sensitivity of the skin, but also with the complexity of the procedure.

There are, of course, also cases of failure that are usually due to the surgeon’s inexperience. If, for example, the nasal septum is punctured, the patient may subsequently experience chronic rhinorrhea, difficulty in breathing, and nasal perforation.

Some other failures that have been observed are:

  • Parrot beak: The tip of the nose shifts downwards and inwards.
  • Boxer nose: The back of the nose is sinking.
  • Hognose: Excessive lift of the tip of the nose which makes the nostrils look too long.
  • Blank nose: Complete removal of nasal conchs.

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