First symptoms of pregnancy

First symptoms of pregnancy


First symptoms of pregnancy. You can recognize the following symptoms very early in the pregnancy.


Hormonal changes at the start of pregnancy often lead to nausea. This nausea often starts around the expected period, sometimes a few days earlier. Nausea mainly occurs in the early morning but can recur in waves during the day. You can read more about this in our article ‘Nausea during pregnancy’.

Reluctance with some smells and food

If you are about a week late, you may become uncomfortable if you smell coffee or cigarette smoke, for example. For some women, a certain type of food or red wine suddenly starts to disappoint them.

Increased appetite

Often your appetite can increase quite quickly (with a week’s overdue). Seeing food can already make you decide to load more into your shopping cart. Some women suddenly exhibit separate eating needs during pregnancy, such as a desire for pickles, salty herring or licorice.

There are also pregnant women who tend to eat coffee beans, washing powder, toothpaste, mud or other strange things. Perhaps this is caused by an unconscious physical need for minerals.

Tense breasts

Soon after the implantation of the fertilized egg, your breasts may feel tense. You are actually not yet overdue, so you can notice changes in your breasts even before the expected menstrual period. The weight of your breasts is often painful.


You probably feel tired sooner than before pregnancy. You will also need more sleep. This need sometimes manifests itself in the form of enormous sleep attacks. Before you know that you are pregnant, you may already have to deal with this. The adaptation of your body to pregnancy requires energy.

More urinating

You have to urinate more often at the beginning of the pregnancy. The growing uterus pushes against the bladder and therefore gives a sense of urgency faster.

Pain in the lower abdomen

Your uterus hangs on the pelvis through straps. If the uterus becomes larger, then these tires are slightly stretched. You can feel this as stabbing in the lower abdomen, diagonally in the direction of the groin and as a slight menstrual pain.

This stretching of the bands starts quite soon after the implantation of the fertilized egg. These cramps usually disappear around the sixteenth week, when your womb is used to the new situation.


You may suffer from headaches even before the expected menstrual period. It may also be that this will occur a little later, for example, if you are one week late. Conversely, women who suffer from migraines outside pregnancy can now experience less discomfort.


It often happens that pregnant women are more emotionally unstable at the start of their pregnancy. For example, you get irritated quickly and you cry for nothing. These mood changes are also influenced by hormones. You may experience these feelings even before the expected menstrual period.

Hormone changes during pregnancy?

Huge hormone changes take place in the body from conception. Hormones are substances that are produced by various organs and circulate in the blood.


After fertilization, the hormone HCG is mainly produced. HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotrophin and is only produced during pregnancy. This hormone mainly causes nausea in the first months of pregnancy.

Estrogen and progesterone

Two other hormones, estrogen, and progesterone that control the menstrual cycle are also present to an increased extent during pregnancy. These hormones are also responsible for certain physical changes during pregnancy.

When to seek help with pregnancy?

The moment you know you are pregnant, you can make an appointment with an obstetrician. If you live in an area where no obstetricians work, you can contact your doctor. The first consultation with the doctor or midwife usually takes place around the third month of your pregnancy. Read more about this in our article ‘First pregnancy checkup’.

What can you do yourself to determine pregnancy?

To know for sure if you are pregnant, you can do a pregnancy test. You can buy these tests at the drugstore or pharmacy. These tests are reliable.

First symptoms of pregnancy

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