Prostatitis literally inflammation

Prostatitis literally inflammation


Prostatitis literally means inflammation of the prostate. A distinction is made between acute prostatitis and chronic prostatitis. This condition occurs mainly in men over the age of 35. The condition is not very common, less than one case per 1000 men per year.

The complaints are often small amounts of urination, pain when urinating, fever and pain in the lower abdomen or in the groin. The complaints are a bit like a ‘normal’ bladder infection in women. In chronic prostatitis, the complaints are less pronounced and without fever, but they last much longer or often recur.

Symptoms of the Prostatitis literally inflammation

In acute prostatitis, the symptoms often appear quite suddenly, sometimes starting with chills. There is often a fever, pain in the lower abdomen, groin or anus. There is an urge to urinate, but the pee comes in small amounts, but often. The urine may be cloudy or smell strange. In chronic prostatitis there is no fever and the picture usually starts unnoticed. Often there are long-term complaints and the complaints return quickly.

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How does prostatitis develop?

In prostatitis, the inflammation is caused by bacteria entering the prostate. So there is also a urinary tract infection (‘bladder infection’). It is not possible to say exactly how these bacteria get into the urinary tract and the prostate. However, it almost always turns out to be bacteria that occur in the own gastrointestinal tract. Sometimes a sexually transmitted bacterial egg can be the cause.

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In chronic prostatitis it is not always possible to detect a bacterial agent. These complaints can also arise from a too tense pelvic floor. That, in turn, can be greatly influenced by a person’s lifestyle. A lot of sitting, stress or a very hurried lifestyle can make these complaints worse. If you are worried about the complaints, this in itself can cause an increase in the tension of the pelvic floor muscles, making the complaints worse!

Is it serious and what can you expect?

Acute prostatitis is easy to treat, but you must contact your doctor. If you have a high fever, chills or are seriously ill, this should be done as soon as possible. Generally, antibiotics will be prescribed. These often have to be given for a long time (2-4 weeks).

This is more complicated with chronic prostatitis. Sometimes antibiotics are also prescribed for this, sometimes up to three months. Even if no bacteria can be detected, this can sometimes help. However, they often have no lasting effect. Then general advice about your lifestyle can be given. Certain pelvic floor muscle exercises may also be prescribed, preferably through a specialized physiotherapist. Sometimes medicines can relieve the complaints. A referral to the urologist can also be made.

When to go to the doctor?

In case of acute prostatitis, it is wise to contact the general practice as soon as possible. If there is a high fever, chills or being seriously ill, you should contact us immediately. With the chronic form you do not have to seek direct contact, but it is better to discuss your complaints with your doctor.

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What can you do about it yourself?

In acute prostatitis it is wise to rest and drink a lot. It is also better not to let the urge to urinate persist for too long. All this of course in addition to the medicines and advice prescribed by your doctor.

Lifestyle is often an important factor in the chronic form. A lot of stress, a hurried life, a lot of sitting and taking little time to urinate are all factors that can make the symptoms worse. Concerns about the complaints also have a negative influence. If you are concerned about this, it is therefore important to discuss this with your doctor. It has been found that regular ejaculations can positively influence the complaints.

General advice and precautions

As you can see, there is a big difference between the acute form and the chronic form with prostatitis. In the chronic form in particular, the lifestyle often comes into focus. You can also contribute to this yourself. In the acute form, the possibilities to do something about the complaints yourself are much less and the help of the doctor will often be necessary.

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