Eczema in babies

Eczema in babies


Eczema in babies. Eczema is an inflammatory reaction of the skin, without infection arises from a combination of external and as yet unknown internal factors. External factors are, for example, moisture and damage.

Eczema symptoms in babies

Eczema usually starts as a red discoloration of the skin in the folds of groins and buttocks; the border between red and normal is out of focus. Gaps sometimes appear at the bottom of the folds.

How does eczema occur in babies?

Sanding the diaper can cause minor damage to the skin. There are substances in the urine and feces that can cause irritation of this damaged skin.

Is it serious and what can you expect?

Eczema is not serious. Due to the presence of urine and feces, it can be very persistent, and there is a risk of irritating skin infection. Treatment with medication in ointment or cream is usually required.

When to the doctor?

If you think your baby has eczema, you should go to the doctor. If you have treated the legs according to the prescription with the prescribed ointment and the result has not disappeared after a week or has become a lot less, recommends that you contact your general practice again.

What can you do about it yourself?

  • Leave your baby as short as possible with a dirty diaper. It is therefore important that your baby is changed frequently, at least seven times a day
  • Use lukewarm water without soap when changing. Do not rub the skin firmly when changing, but try blotting
  • If possible, leave your child exposed for a while after changing
  • For cotton diapers: if you put on a clean diaper, make sure there are no folds in the diaper; rinse the diapers after washing with vinegar (1 tablespoon in 1 liter of water) to remove all soap residues.

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