Stuck ring on the finger

Stuck ring on the finger


Stuck ring on the finger. A stuck ring is a ring on the finger that cannot be removed without tools. Let’s see the Symptoms of the ring on the finger.

Symptoms of the ring on the finger

A stuck ring becomes a problem if it hurts or pinches the finger. When a finger is pinched by a ring, it changes color. The finger becomes redder or whiter than the other fingers and sometimes also numb.

How is a ring stuck on a finger?

The construction of the finger is such that it is easier to put on a ring than to take off a ring. It often happens that a ring gets stuck when trying on.

A ring can also become stuck due to swelling of the finger due to an injury (bruise, fracture, or external wound), fluid retention, inflammation, an allergic reaction, a reaction to an insect bite, warts, or swelling of the finger joints.

Sometimes a ring that has been worn for years can be seen to become stuck over time as the fingers have gradually thickened.

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Is it serious and what can you expect?

In principle, a stuck ring that does not cause any symptoms can remain in place, but if the stuck ring causes pain and / or swelling on the finger, it is necessary to have the ring removed. Otherwise there is a risk that the finger’s blood supply will fall short due to pinching.

Also in case of injuries to the finger it is usually wise to remove the ring or have it removed.

When to go to the doctor?

If you are totally unable to get rid of a stuck ring from your finger, while you think it is necessary, the doctor can help. Especially with a stuck ring with pain complaints and swelling of the finger, it is wise to visit your doctor. After you have unsuccessfully followed the tricks from ‘What can you do about it yourself?’ ended up removing the ring with ring saw pliers.

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What can you do about it yourself?

In principle, if the finger is not painful or swollen, you do not need to do anything. If it is necessary to remove the ring, the easiest way is to lubricate the ring and finger with soap or petroleum jelly. This reduces the friction with the skin and the ring can usually be removed.

Another method is the following. Coat the finger with soap. Place a piece of gauze, a strip of cotton or something similar under the ring and then pull the string around the finger in the direction of the fingertip with a circular motion. This works even better with a piece of dental floss. This is very thin yet strong.

If this does not work, roll a string, smeared with soap, from the fingertip around the finger, to just above the ring. This will reduce the swelling of the finger. Pass the end of the string (on the side of the ring) under the ring. Gently pull on this end, the string will then gradually unwind, slowly pulling the ring off the finger. You can repeat these methods several times. It may also help to keep your whole arm elevated (above your head) between attempts to reduce swelling in your finger.

You can also ask for the help of the silversmith or general practitioner, but he will usually not be able to do much else than saw through the ring.

General advice and precautions

During certain activities, such as ball sports or DIY, where you risk injuring your hands, it is wise to take off your ring.

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